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Have you ever been worried about having to retype hashtags?  Now you don't have to!  I've put over 14,000 hashtags in a book, in alphabetical order (by target audience), to be copied and pasted over, and over, again!

This book will help: individuals, corporations and social media influencers to promote and sell their ideas, information and products on social media.

Hashtags are carefully organized by: category (target audience), and alphabetized.

Copy and paste the hashtags from this book to your own social media posts.

Take pictures or videos of your products or ideas and use the hashtags in this book (copy and paste) to promote yourself on various social media platforms.

The hashtags in this book were written perfectly for Instagram, but may work on other social media platforms.

"Hashtags: 14,000" is very expensive because it will allow whoever pays for the book to defeat their competitors and stay on top (of everybody else) on social media "Recent" posts.  

"Hashtags: 14,000" will keep your product or ideas from being: buried, forgotten or trampled by other people's posts.

"Hashtags: 14,000" can also be used as the ultimate invitation list to invite new customers and new clients to your event!

What will we see when we click on that hashtag?


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