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"How Martin Scorsese Caused My Little Italian Brother to be Murdered During the Making of "Killers of the Flower Moon".' is now accepting pre-orders.  It is scheduled to be released and distributed this Christmas, 2022.

Over 200 times from August 2018 to September 2021, I taught the cast and crew of "Killers of the Flower Moon" to "PUT SAFETY FIRST".  They refused to be respectful of the truth, and my Italian brother (who was supposed to meet us in Oklahoma) got murdered waiting for us to respect the art and science we were born into with each other.   The police had told me that I needed to: "WAIT FOR LEO TO CALL YOU ON THE PHONE."

Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday is 11-11-74.  Andrea Calabrese's birthday is 11-14-74.  We were born into a relationship, by God's Command, for the purpose of respecting God's creations and Honoring the art and science we were born into with each other.  This relationship has a major cause and effect process upon each other and upon our communities.

Leo DiCaprio needs to stop lying about the art we were born into and stop disrespecting the scientific cause and effect process this art has upon: each other, our communities and the entire human race.  I stayed faithful 15 years--since 2008--waiting for Leo DiCaprio to be an Honest person with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science about the art and science we were born into with each other and the cause and effect process this relationship has up other people's families.  God's commanding he stay faithful at this time, but when he doesn't stay faithful because evil film directors tell him to be unfaithful, it causes damages to other people's families.

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eBooks and Screenplays FOR SALE